Age Group : 1.10 to 6 years

"Come you little hands and feet, come and

experience this beautiful journey with us. Come our little angels and let's know

our loving world together.

Come, let’s wrap ourselves in the warm

embrace of Mother Earth and learn from

her to look for inner beauty, inner strength

and be our best loving selves.

Come, let’s splash into the flow of water,

sprinkle the colours of joy on one another

and dance in the rains of growth & bliss.

Come, let’s spread our wings and fly into

the open skies, into the pure air, where

no boundaries can stop us from dreaming

and where even the sky is not the limit.

Come, let’s kindle the fire of grit and

enthusiasm and march ahead in style.

Come, let’s merge into the space within

our hearts and know who we truly are."

Admissions are open throughout the year. We take in children from 1.10 years onwards

We have two shifts for Montessori Classes

08.45 AM To 11.45 AM

11.30 AM To 02.30 PM

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